Trapiche Amethyst Flame #1


We were so lucky to come across these trapiche amethysts at the Denver Gem Show!

Trapiche minerals are those that form in symmetric crystals such as quartz with a radiating star of inclusions between areas of growth. They're pretty rare since the geological conditions necessary to create these them are uncommon, and we still don't know exactly how, when and why they are made. They've only been discovered fairly recently, and these are from a new mine in Brazil that is currently closed for at least a year while they drum up the investment to drill further.

The color on these amethysts is AMAZING. They're almost garnet-like, and the spoke-like patterns you see are just stunning. Amethyst is a type of quartz, so you're seeing the six-sided growth pattern, accentuated by the way these were cut and polished.

We have several of these pieces in stock, carved into a flame shape. This one is 276g, and is about 4" x 2".

Shipping weight may be slightly inaccurate due to packing material amount. Any shipping overages will be refunded. It will arrive with tape over the point to protect it.

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