Blue Chalcedony Bowl #2

$84.00 $105.00

This is a listing for a blue chalcedony bowl, irregularly shaped, about 2 1/2" in diameter. We have four listed. They're absolutely gorgeous, and I've never seen anything them before. We only have four, but we could get more if these sell out. Chalcedony is a fairly rare gem, and the blue is the most expensive.

I'm sure these have many purposes, but what I would use them for is to store a small amount of herbs for when you're dressing candles, or as an offering bowl, or for queuing up some loose incense to toss on your burner. I would not use them to burn actual incense IN.

Chalcedony is a gentle, nurturing stone that people believe to absorb negative energy. It's also associated with the throat chakra, the moon, and water, so this would be a wonderful piece to use in your moon rituals.

This one weighs 168g.

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