SECONDS: Workbook of Shadows (see original listing)


This is a listing for a seconds copy of our Workbook of Shadows. Please see the original listing for a description of this book.

The cover of these are gloss, and one of the pages sticks out slightly. Other than that they're perfectly fine.

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I got this item very quickly. Much quicker than expected, shipping time was excellent. The item itself is in good condition, it is a small spiral bound book with a nice cover with very clear design and easily readable. This WorkBook, is a good starting B.O.S. for any Wiccan or practicing witch. I would recommend it for anyone starting their practice or trying to get a starting point of how to build their own, magical practice. I Have been a Wiccan and practicing witch for more than 10 years now. I wish that I had a book such as this when I was starting out. I already have most of my practice built, but I still enjoy this and I know it will be useful in building a more Focused and centered practice of my beliefs and craft! It can be useful to any practitioners, Beginner or Advanced. I recommend it to anyone building their craft!

Outstanding! They called this a second but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this book. And the content is great! I’ll be a witch in no time! Would definitely buy from again! Thank You!

This turned out to not be what I was looking for, but it's very well thought-out and well made, so I'm sure it'll be perfect for others. I'm very interested to see what the other books are like now, too.

Absolutely fantastic! I will be shopping with them again!

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