SECONDS: Workbooks (see original listings for descriptions).


This is a listing for seconds copies of our Workbooks. Please see the original listings for descriptions of the books.

For the Shadows, the cover of these are gloss, and one of the pages sticks out slightly. Other than that they're perfectly fine.

The others have small discoloration marks or slight tears/bumps/scratches on the covers. They’re all in very good condition, we just didn’t want to sell something that wasn’t perfect full price.

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I was skeptical about the workbook and I'm so glad I bought it. It already has been worth it. I feel it will help me approach Wicca in a more organized and personal way. I'm going to purchase the rest of the workbooks soon. I live this product.

Fast & easy. I love this book!!!!

I got this item very quickly. Much quicker than expected, shipping time was excellent. The item itself is in good condition, it is a small spiral bound book with a nice cover with very clear design and easily readable. This WorkBook, is a good starting B.O.S. for any Wiccan or practicing witch. I would recommend it for anyone starting their practice or trying to get a starting point of how to build their own, magical practice. I Have been a Wiccan and practicing witch for more than 10 years now. I wish that I had a book such as this when I was starting out. I already have most of my practice built, but I still enjoy this and I know it will be useful in building a more Focused and centered practice of my beliefs and craft! It can be useful to any practitioners, Beginner or Advanced. I recommend it to anyone building their craft!

Outstanding! They called this a second but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this book. And the content is great! I’ll be a witch in no time! Would definitely buy from again! Thank You!

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