Amazing Gibeon Meteorite Carved Artifactual Skulls

Sorry, this item has sold.

We were so excited to get back to Tucson after three years and find Artifactual again. They have the most amazing hand carved skulls, and it's even more amazing when the carvings are this tiny and this detailed.

And Gibeon Meteorite--wow! The marking on these things is amazing! Obviously there's only a limited amount of this meteorite, and the prices reflect its rarity. The price includes shipping insurance and signature required shipping.

We have five, of different weights and prices. They're small--you can see the size in the last picture. They are numbered in order of appearance and size.

#1 is 15.6g and is $630
#2 is 11.6g and is $460
#3 is 9.1g and is $370
#4 is 8g and is $345
#5 is 7.7g and is $313

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