Purpurite Sphere #17

$31.50 $42.00

We got on the purpurite wagon last year, and were excited we could find more when we went back to Tucson. People work with purpurite for its third-eye and crown chakra properties, but I find that in addition to those it's unusual in that it's also very grounding at the same time.

The flash and deep purple coloration is also to die for.

The spheres vary in size and color; most of them have some amount of flash but obviously some more than others. I've tried to catch the flash in the pictures.

This one is 113.2g and is 40mm.

We have 24 of these in prices ranging from $36 to $71, but I will not be posting them all at once -- so if you want one but don't see one that calls to you, you may want to wait a bit. Feel free to write us with any questions. We will refund any shipping overage.

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