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If you follow the Wheel of the Year, you honor the various Sabbats and holidays -- but what do you do the rest of the year? How can you pay attention and give respect to the all the time in between? The holidays are only 8 days out of the entire year -- there's so much more!

This Sabbat Tracker will help you celebrate the "in between" times as well as help you visualize where we are in the cycle of the year. It's also a good way to help yourself reflect on the holiday that's past and anticipate the one to come.

It's easier to just look at the pictures, but this product is essentially a wood ellipse with holes cut out for each Sabbat as well as an "in between" space. There is a piece of black acrylic under it (and a wooden one under that so that the tracker will sit nicely on your table) so that the spaces show up nicely. A small sodalite sphere represents the earth, and this is what you move along the track. The earth moves around the sun just like it does astronomically in space.

There is a yellow acrylic "sun" in the piece, but we also provide a yellow candle if you wish to use that (please always be careful of pets and to not leave it burning without supervision).

This tracker is designed for the Northern Hemisphere, as the sabbats/esbats go counterclockwise around the ellipse, which is the way the earth is seen to move around the sun if you were standing above its northern hemisphere in space (and didn't die). Feel free to message us if you need more clarity on this, and I'll make Daniel explain it :-)

The tracker is made of maple hardwood and acrylic, and is approximately 8 1/2" x 5 3/4." You get the tracker, the sodalite sphere, and the yellow candle. It makes a great centerpiece on a table.

If you love this and you have cats who would knock your earth sphere under the refrigerator, you can use some museum wax to hold it down temporarily.

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Perfect! The seller worked with me to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. It came out just beautiful and I couldn't be happier! Amazing service, fantastic product! Thank you!!

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