Workbook of Tarot, Tracking your Daily Draws, Tarot Journal, Tarot


This book is a simple workbook to help you keep track of your daily tarot card draws and figure out how each card shows up for you in your life.

There are plenty of Tarot books that teach you all about the cards, and help you memorize their standard meanings. There are also plenty of books that help you record and journal your daily and weekly draws. But what do you do if you want to know how often you drew each card, or what happened on the days you drew them?

Using this book, you can keep track of that. Unlike all those other books, this book is all about you, and what the cards mean to you. Do you notice that on days you picked the Five of Wands, your kids were squabbling particularly aggressively? Or that you pick the Devil whenever you skip the gym? Log your draws here, and figure it out!

In addition to helping you develop a personal relationship with tarot, this book will also give you, through the lens of the tarot, a way to understand the challenges and successes of your life.

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This is the second one of these that I have bought. I pull cards every day and the first book lasted 3 years. I love to be able to track and see if I am pulling the same cards frequently. A lot of the time I am because of what's going on, the tracking is very validating. There is also a log in the book where you can capture the information. I definitely recommend it, it is a great way to monitor your tarot card pulls and collect information.

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