Bewilderment Reading


Instant Digital Download

This six card spread will help you gain insight into a situation. It will help you see what you need to know and what might be going on in a situation. This listing is for an Email reading--you will get a downloadable PDF with images of the cards to accompany the written reading.

I have a range of decks and will choose according to what I think is appropriate for your question. If you have a deck you prefer though, feel free to ask to see if I have it (yes, I have that many).

Once you order, I will contact you and help you refine your question if you need help. You will receive your reading within 4 days of purchase.

The future consists of infinite possibilities, affected every moment by your intentions and choices. Tarot cards help you better understand your past and present in order to empower you to move forward. I don't believe that the Tarot predicts the future, so don't ask me to. I believe that WE MAKE our future, and the tarot can help us understand the past and the present as well as give us a sense of the energies immediately at hand.

Asking questions like "how..." or "what do I need to know about..." will get you the most from your reading. I may also ask YOU questions in your reading, to help connect you to your own wisdom and intuition.

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