Card Stand, Tarot Card, Three Card Regular Size Set 2


Do you do regular three-card spreads with your tarot cards, and want an easy way to work with them without having to carry around a spread cloth?

We're all about making your spirituality a real part of your daily life. Why not display your three-card spread in a beautiful way, either in a convenient way for journaling or to make it easier for your clients to see?


Our tarot card display stand is made of your choice of either oak hardwood or maple hardwood.

The stand is available in the following designs:

Tree of Life
Cross Quarter (Earth)
Helm of Awe

The cardholder is designed to fit three regular-sized tarot cards, and measures 10 " x 2 3/4, with a slot length of 3." It's shown but does not come with, the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

Please note that the slots for the cards go straight through. If you desire a design you can lift and carry around, you might consider our regular-sized SpellStation™.

This is very pretty and it got here almost instantly. I love that there are little rubber feet on the bottom so that it doesn't skid or scratch. Just beautiful!

Thank you! Great piece!! My standard cards don't fit 100% but it will do.

Very well made and it smells amazing!

So gorgeous!!! I’m so excited to use this during readings! Thank you!

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