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Order three of our books at 20% off!
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Love the books. They give a good guideline to follow and let you find the path you want to take with them. They're well set up to give you space to do what you feel is for your practice, with enough structure to not be overwhelmed or have a starting place. My only complaint is the paper, it feels nice and looks nice. It is horrific to write one unless you use a ballpoint pen. Marker, gel, even colored pencils write horribly on that. I had to go out and buy ballpoint pens just to use it, and I'm constantly losing them because I use (expensive) gel pens everywhere else.

I was watching for the mail with this order and was thrilled when it got here. It is helping ready the tarot and understand all things wicca easier. I love it

Great quality. Came quickly. Amazing.

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