Zodiac Discs for SpellStation


This is the Zodiac disk set to go with our SpellStation™. Use them to add a layer of correspondence in your spellwork in an easy, convenient, portable way. Comes in a black organza bag.

You could use these without the SpellStation if you wanted.

The disks come in four colors: green, yellow, red, and blue, to match the earth, air, fire, and water signs. Lighter in picture is to show the size.

Shipping on this set is variable because depending on whether we have them in stock, it may take an extra few days to make them. Each one takes about fifteen minutes on the machine, so it's pretty time-consuming.

Reviews (4)


This is my second order from this seller. My items were perfect, arrived quickly, and they included a nice note inside. I will be ordering from them again!

Very well made. Awesome details. High quality! Thanks so much! :)

I am a HUGE fan of the SpellStation -- such a cool, innovative use of resources. I have used mine when I've needed to get quick prayers done, and it's a neat tool for neophyte practitioners of all walks. This particular "expansion pack" is really beautifully made: I love that these are calligraphic! If you work with astrological correspondences (and tealights), you'll definitely want this set. It's a great way to use color magic without buying the entire candle store.

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