Astrological Natal Chart Set


Do you do astrological readings for people, or work with natal charts and get tired of writing everything out on paper? Do you want an easy and fun way to work with astrological tools?

Using this astrological set, you can move things around and place the planets with ease, by rotating the central disk. If you want to do tarot or astrological work with the decans, you can rotate the outside decan disk instead.

The set also comes with an acrylic moon coin and a tea light, so that when you are not working with the kit as a whole, you can use the center piece to track what sign the moon is at in its full, or as it passes through the signs.

The set comes with:

* A central disk (about 5 1/2 inches) engraved with a central sun and the zodiac symbols (going counterclockwise). You have your choice of the "complex" one or the "simple" one.

* ONE clear acrylic ring (about 9 1/2 inches) EITHER the houses (the plainer one with the numbers from 1-12) OR the sign decans (the other one). Each ring is also available separately in the event you want both.

* A set of 13 maple hardwood etched astrological coins (each about 3/4 inch). The planets, the sun, the north and south node (they look the same, just turn one upside down,) and Chiron.

* A yellow tea light and an acrylic moon coin so that you can use your central disk as a way to track the moon.

The set comes in a large organza bag, with the coins and the inner disk inside in separate bags so that the acrylic ring does not get scratched. Please choose which ring you would like.

All items are also sold separately, though you get a cheaper price for ordering them as a set.

Please note that while we have some of these in stock, we may be making them to order, so time to ship may vary.

I bought this as a gift for my mother, a seasoned astrologer. Says that this brings ease to the process of mapping out natal charts and creates an interactive experience out of learning of one’s astrology.

Beautiful product and the sellers were above and beyond in communication and accommodating my requests 🙏

Wow, amazing product. The Zodiac center piece was so detailed and beautiful! I ordered another house wheel and zodiac chips! Can’t wait for them to get here! It will make studying signs and planets in houses much easier!

Gorgeous design and so useful for those of us who enjoy 3-dimensional visuals when working with natal charts (plus keeping track of the moon's transits through the zodiac). Very well made, and the etchings are beautifully done. Raven In A World Tree is always a joy to shop with - unique items, helpful and responsive to questions, and shipping is fast too.

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