Regular SpellStation™


NOTE: This item is now made with alder wood, which is darker than the maple and shows the design better. We'll be updating the picture, but for the moment you can see the color of the wood compared to the maple in the last picture.

Is your altar already set up for certain work that you don't want to bother switching around for quick spellwork? Do you not even have an altar because you need to hide your things from other people? Do you wish you could do spells with simple correspondences but have trouble getting all your stuff together?

We made this because we wanted it! We had the best intentions to do daily meditations with the planets or elements, but couldn't deal with finding the right colored candles, or to do simple spells but didn't have a good space for a tarot card and a candle. We also wanted to simplify things and make it easy and inexpensive for people to practice.

The SpellStation™ is a maple hardwood, or matte black acrylic altar, with a wide slot for several oracle or tarot cards, and a circular indentation in the middle. It comes with a clear, etched acrylic disk (pentacle or cross-quarter). Put in your cards, put a tea light on the disk, and you're good to go! It also comes with a starter set of ten circular parchment papers so that you can write a spell on them and put them under your disk and candle. Once the candle is done, you can either burn your spell (safely) or release it as you see fit.

We sell three accessory sets for this. A planetary set with the planets corresponding to the days of the week, a set of four elemental disks, and a twelve-disk zodiac set. If you're a witch on a shoestring budget, though, you can cut 2.5" colored paper disks to go under your clear pentacle so that you can still work with color correspondence on the cheap.

The SpellStation is 5.25"x 10 3/8" x0.25." The slot for cards is 10 1/8" and comfortably fits several oracle or tarot cards. If you like our tarot stands, but want to be able to carry your cards around without them falling through, this design may be for you.

The maple has a scored triple moon on each side of the disk. The matte black acrylic has an engraved triple moon.

You may choose from either matte black acrylic, or hardwood alder, and either a pentacle or a cross-quarter clear acrylic central disk.

Great item. Large enough to hold 3 Karma Cards. Got a small ring burn on it from the base of the chime candle holder that got too hot. Thankfully I lined it up over the triple goddess etching so it’s not too noticeable. In the future I will protect the surface under the candle as a precaution.

Repeat customer. Wonderfully made, and communication is excellent. Thanks so much. :)

This is my second order from this seller. My items were perfect, arrived quickly, and they included a nice note inside. I will be ordering from them again!

This is my second SpellStation. I use the portable one all of the time, and also wanted one for a 3 card spread. The Maple is lush. The Cross Quarter is exactly what I wanted, and I love all of the round pieces of paper to place programs or magical workings on. This is one of my favorite Etsy shops. Highly recommend for magic tools, quality, service and speedy shipping. I also really like the presentation. Everything looks so good when it arrives. Thank you Sue & Daniel!

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