Small Knitted Pouch


Hand-knit pouch, made from fingerling/dk yarn. Rectangular and whip-stitched. Hand-dyed merino, perfect for a skull, a special crystal, or a few small stones. Roughly 2.5" x 3" (which includes about a 1/2 inch above the tie), these are perfect for carrying your special skully friend around safely. Each one takes around two hours to make; knitting with small needles can actually be slower than with big ones.

These are available in red/gold (Malabrigo Archangel), green/cream, and aqua. Because these are made of hand-dyed yarn, the colors will vary. The green/cream is pretty consistent, but the reds have slightly more variation.

Please note, this listing is ONLY for the bag, not the skull too. We do have many sweet crystal skulls, including some we haven't listed yet, so feel free to inquire.

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Fantastic pouch! The teal color pouch totally works with the merlinite skull!

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