Animal Vegetable Mineral Reading


Do you feel like you need a little bit of guidance and spiritual companionship right now?

This is a great way to get help from an animal, plant, and a crystal ally! Cost is $10 and you will receive the reading by email. Let me know your email in a note, and after you order, come back and check your messages to confirm when it's been sent. Again, you will get your reading by email, not downloadable through Etsy.

Readings will be done within 5 days, though probably on the sooner end :-)

Once your reading is sent the order will be marked complete.

Reviews (3)


I was very impressed with the Animal Vegetable Mineral Reading. I received it via email within a few days, with a high quality photo of the cards drawn and a detailed, insightful interpretation of the cards. The reading was spot on and helped me see my situation from a new perspective. Highly recommend this quick reading for a great price!

Thank you! Was sent quick and I found it very helpful.

Loved this reading!

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