Dark Goddess SpellStation™


This is a special edition of our portable SpellStation™, made with sparkly acrylic and coming with four dark goddess clear disks in addition to the clear pentacle.

The disks it comes with are for Hecate, Kali, the Morrigan, and Sekhmet. They will come together in a plastic bag. The pentacle disk will come in its own bag along with ten papers for writing spells to go under the disk.

The SpellStation is 5"x 7 3/4" x0.25" and comes with a black faux-velvet bag to store the SpellStation™ and your tools. It's great for on-the-go work, as a discreet altar, or a special way of working with your oracle decks. You can see the description of the wood SpellStation™ for more about why we made this and how to use it.

PLEASE NOTE: The sparkly acrylic is twice the price of the regular acrylic, which is why this is more expensive. This one DOES come with the four additional disks, which sell for $9.95 separately.

So sparkly!

This was way better than I expected! Love it! It’s gorgeous and made of really good quality acrylic. It’s just the right size too! And shipping was fast! Thank you so much!

wow, they refunded the difference in my shipping. I was impressed no body takes that extra step anymore. The spell station is beautiful and functional. I will definitely buy from them in the future.

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