Archangel SpellStation™


This is a special edition of our portable SpellStation™, made with creamy, swirly white pearl acrylic and coming with four clear archangel disks in addition to a clear cross quarter.

The disks it comes with are for archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. They will come together in a plastic bag. The cross quarter disk will come in its own bag along with ten papers for writing spells to go under the disk.

The SpellStation is 5"x 7 3/4" x0.25" and comes with a deep blue velour bag to store the SpellStation™ and your tools. It's great for on-the-go work, as a discreet altar, or a special way of working with your oracle decks. You can see the description of the wood SpellStation™ for more about why we made this and how to use it.

PLEASE NOTE: The pearl acrylic is twice the price of the regular acrylic, which is why this is more expensive. This one DOES come with the four additional disks, which sell for $9.95 separately. We've just released this product and have no idea about the demand for it, so we may not have them in stock and may need to order more acrylic in order to make one for you. That usually only takes a few days though.

Reviews (6)


Beautiful spellstation! I love it! It is my second one…these are so nice for quick set up and travel. Thank you

Is perfect love it… nice size is great for traveling… thank you

This is a beautifully crafted Archangel spell set. It is a great addition to my conjuring implements. It comes with a carrying sack. Everything is a pictured and it was well packed.

This wonderful shop, and their very very handy SpellStation, helped me finally get the motivation to put my little corner altar together this month—just in time for our annual Rozz Williams celebration! Absolutely every element of the SpellStation and its disk sets are beautifully built, and served a need I didn't even realize I had. The shipment arrived promptly, and everything was packed with care. ✨

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