Maligano Jasper Generators


Maligano Jasper is a relatively new form of brecciated Jasper variety that comes from Indonesia. It's composed of several different colors of jasper with cavities filled by greyish-silver agate. It's still fairly unheard of and difficult to get. I'm pretty partial to the soft pinks and grey and the gentle color of these. They would be great for a grid for peace or integration, or for work with the divine feminine or Mother Mary.

We currently have seven of these. They are numbered as pictured left to right, with the following weights and (close) sizes, and are priced according to weight. You can select which one you want in the drop down menu.

#1 - 111g, 4"
#2 - 131g 4"
#3 - 140g 4"
#4 - 80g 3 6/8"
#5 - 56g. 3 1/2"
#6 - 50g 3 1/2"

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