Black Mirror Oracle Deck


We are SO excited to be offering these through our shop! I bought one two years ago, and getting it from New Zealand was a bit of a cost and effort; but this deck is SO beautiful, and we contacted the creator to see if we could get them wholesale because it's so wonderful that other people need to have it. I have a lot of oracle decks, and this is one of the few that I couldn't live without. It has cards representing the archetypes of the major arcana of the tarot, but also cards for the elements, the moon phases, and the planets. It's really a great all-purpose magical deck, and it's phenomenally beautiful. Many of the pictures in our Etsy store feature this deck.

I believe Jessica is no longer selling this deck, and it will only be available wholesale through her stockists.

The arcana are: Vasilisa, Circe, Morgan le Fay, Isis, Ares, Odin, Sol & Luna, Baba Yaga, Sekhmet, Hecate, The Norns, Skadi, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Hephaestus, Veles, kali, Persephone, Diana, Helios, The Sphinx, and Aradia.

Note: Do not confuse this deck with the Dark Mirror Oracle--they're different things.

What you get:
• 40 4x6inch (10cm x 15cm) full colour Oracle Cards. The cards are sturdy, though not really thick, and they are matte, not glossy. Jessica suggests edging them with a black permanent marker to protect them, and I concur--this deck looks absolutely gorgeous with black edging, and since the cards are bordered black, there's no worry about the ink bleeding on either side.

• A comprehensive black and white guidebook of over 80,000 words. The book is 5 3/4 x 8 1/4, folded and stapled, and is chock full of information. It's printed in relatively small type, but it *is* readable, unlike some other small-typed guidebooks which I've seen. It gives keywords, correspondences, rituals, a general message, light and shadow info, an overview of the figure on the card, and what it signifies in a reading. There are also example spreads. There is so much information in this book that it's worth reading just on its own; I'm hoping that someday it might be available in a larger, "real" book format.

The deck does NOT come with a box. It comes wrapped in black paper. Just for transparency -- some of the tissue paper did not survive the trip from New Zealand, so I'm rewrapping them. We'll be shipping future decks to us with the paper and stickers separately -- so if you get one without a sticker this time, or order one later and get it with a sticker, please know that these are all authentic decks. We will also be ordering more of these and stocking them consistently, so don't worry if it's sold out.

This deck was printed locally in New Zealand, rather than sent out to China, so that is part of what the price reflects. The deck costs 80 NZD, which is 58.72 USD. Shipping for each deck for us came out to be $8.58, bringing the total retail cost to $67.30. I'm not sure on the exact shipping cost for one deck, but when I've ordered decks for myself from Australia or New Zealand it was at least $20, so you're getting a good deal.

Here's the copy from the back of the book:

"THE BLACK MIRROR ORACLE offers a key to an occulted door within the Aether, accessed only through the Self. It leads to a gateway that houses a vibrant gallery of Muses and Entities; all of whom possess unique stories, wisdom and spiritual gifts. These numinous Archetypes and Powers exist both inside of us and simultaneously outside of time and logic. Their subtle energies must be cultured, revealed. They are the voices and images of the Infinite, which profoundly resound; endlessly reverberating, softly vibrating in the internal Palace of the Psyche. The Black Mirror Oracle Cards are a tool that can be used to define the direction and increase dedication to your spiritual path; to divine the past, present and future; and to formulate rituals to supplement your intentions. Enter the shimmering realm of the imagination that holds the jewels of inspiration and transformation.” – Jessica Shaw

This deck is beautiful but I have to say I do not like the cardstock. It's already chipping at the edges after only a few shuffles. I edged it to help with the chipping so I hope it works, we will see. shipping was fast.

The deck is beautiful and the guidebook it comes with in incredible helpful. The guidebook even provides clarification for the light / shadow significance of the cards.

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