The Pythonic Tarot


NOTE: THIS IS A NEW PRINTING OF THIS DECK. The colors are slightly brighter and the cardstock slightly better than the previous printing. It is supposed to be about $10 more expensive in NZ$, but due to the conversion rate it's only $2 more here. If you have a previous copy and you're curious about whether you should upgrade: I'm a serious cardstock snob, and it was hard for me to tell the difference between this and the old one. They appear to be the same weight, but the new one is somewhat more pleasurably bendy (if that makes any sense). In other words, while there have been decks where I've gone "Dang, I need to get me the new version," this is not one of these cases, so rest easily if you already have a copy of this.

The card back is also different--if you're curious, we'll post pix on instagram.

ALSO NOTE: Due to a printing error, one of the cards is incorrect--Jessica has included new copies of that card, and it will be in with the deck. The deck will arive shrink-wrapped and wrapped in tissue paper.
We are SO excited to be currently the only US stockist of Jessica Shaw's Pythonic tarot and be able to bring these to you through our shop without the difficulty (for you) of getting them from New Zealand! It's a stunning deck, and I'm so happy we can share these with you. We currently only have a small number, but we will be consistently ordering these from her (at increased numbers if there is a lot of interest), so if it says "sold out," feel free to contact us and say you want one!

From her description:

"More than 100 full-size watercolour paintings (averaging 16 inches x 23 inches in size) were created to make this deck possible, each one manifesting a tangible lesson in the artists life, sometimes repeatedly – until she fully grasped the meaning and the vision of the card. Like the Fool, to find inspiration and to learn the lessons required of this journey, she ventured far and wide to distant lands and far beyond the boundaries of the earthly, to find her way through to the end of this project.

THE PYTHONIC TAROT was inspired by the chthonic forces of the Great Python, protector and servant of Gaia, the keeper of Oracles and visions, the undying force of Life, Death and Re-Birth at the centre of the Earth.
Every glimmering scale, every jewel of vision granted to Jessica for this project came from the Forces Below – whispered in dreams and meditations by the Great Mother, and communication with the autochthonic entities that dwell within Her realm.
The Chthonic Sun who burns at Midnight lends illumination to the dark jewel tones of the cards. The power behind colour, light and shadow is crucial to the deck. Each card has been illustrated and infused with spiritual intention, designed to act as vistas into the vast rooms of the subconscious."

What you get:
• A 79-card standard-sized tarot deck. There are two versions of the Death card. The cards are sturdy, though not really thick, and they are matte, not glossy. Jessica suggests edging them with a black permanent marker to protect them, and I concur--this deck looks absolutely gorgeous with black edging, and since the cards are bordered black, there's no worry about the ink bleeding on either side. PLEASE NOTE that in the pictures above, I'm using my own deck, which I did edge in black. The deck does NOT come this way.

• A comprehensive very lengthy black and white guidebook. The book is 5 3/4 x 8 1/4, folded and stapled, and is chock full of information. It's printed in relatively small type, but it *is* readable, unlike some other small-typed guidebooks which I've seen. It gives correspondences, tarot spreads, artwork descriptions, and card meanings including reversals.

The deck does NOT come with a box. It comes wrapped in paper.

This deck was printed locally in New Zealand, rather than sent out to China, so that is part of what the price reflects. The deck costs 95 NZD, which is 68.23 USD. Shipping for each deck for us came out to be $7.83, bringing the total retail cost to $76.06. I'm not sure on the exact shipping cost for one deck, but when I've ordered decks for myself from Australia or New Zealand it was at least $20, so you're getting a good deal.

Great energy. Love the cards and the guide book. Well packaged and received quickly.

It was a wonderful experience shopping here.

this deck is my favorite deck right now!!! there aren't too many really witchy looking decks out there right now, and this one was worth every penny! Thanks so much!💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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