The Pythonic Tarot--With Box!


PLEASE NOTE: We are only shipping this PRIORITY MAIL, as we have had several decks lost by the USPS and cannot be monetarily responsible for this and still offer these decks. Only Priority Mail has insurance to protect you against loss. Also, if a package is lost by the USPS (this includes the Post Office saying it was delivered but it wasn't), we cannot refund you, but you should be able to get your money back from the USPS if you file a claim. We're so sorry to have to be strict about this, but we wouldn't be able to offer these decks otherwise.

ALSO -- We DO have almost 100 decks in inventory, if this looks like it's selling out and you're worried. I list them in batches because the price changes depending on the exchange rate when we purchased them. Once this goes to zero, I'll list the others, so don't worry you're missing out.


Jessica, the creator of this deck, has found a new printer, and now the deck comes shrink-wrapped in a box (picture of the box isn't shrink-wrapped because it's mine, all mine!) The deck is now printed by a company who prints playing cards for casinos, so the deck shuffles like a dream. The cardstock is slightly thicker than 350gsm and has a satin powder coating to help it shuffle nicely. It feels a little thinner than the previous version, but in a good way; it feels sturdier and more bendable and less likely to be damaged if you have a catastrophic shuffling accident :-) The booklet is also printed on improved paper stock.

This is personally one of my favorite decks, and I have well over 100. It's witchy, colorful, mysterious, just wonderful.

We are very excited to be currently the only US stockist of Jessica Shaw's Pythonic tarot and be able to bring these to you through our shop without the difficulty (for you) of getting them from New Zealand! It's a stunning deck, and I'm so happy we can share these with you. We will be consistently ordering these from her (at increased numbers if there is a lot of interest), so if it says "sold out," feel free to contact us and say you want one!

From her description:

"More than 100 full-size watercolour paintings (averaging 16 inches x 23 inches in size) were created to make this deck possible, each one manifesting a tangible lesson in the artists life, sometimes repeatedly – until she fully grasped the meaning and the vision of the card. Like the Fool, to find inspiration and to learn the lessons required of this journey, she ventured far and wide to distant lands and far beyond the boundaries of the earthly, to find her way through to the end of this project.

THE PYTHONIC TAROT was inspired by the chthonic forces of the Great Python, protector and servant of Gaia, the keeper of Oracles and visions, the undying force of Life, Death and Re-Birth at the centre of the Earth.
Every glimmering scale, every jewel of vision granted to Jessica for this project came from the Forces Below – whispered in dreams and meditations by the Great Mother, and communication with the autochthonic entities that dwell within Her realm.
The Chthonic Sun who burns at Midnight lends illumination to the dark jewel tones of the cards. The power behind colour, light and shadow is crucial to the deck. Each card has been illustrated and infused with spiritual intention, designed to act as vistas into the vast rooms of the subconscious."

What you get:
• A 79-card standard-sized tarot deck. There are two versions of the Death card. The cards are sturdy, though not really thick, and they are matte, not glossy. I suggest edging them with a black permanent marker--this deck looks absolutely gorgeous with black edging, and since the cards are bordered black, there's no worry about the ink bleeding on either side. PLEASE NOTE that in the pictures above, I'm using my own deck, which I did edge in black. The deck does NOT come this way.

• A comprehensive very lengthy black and white guidebook. The book is 5 3/4 x 8 1/4, folded and stapled, and is chock full of information. It's printed in relatively small type, but it *is* readable, unlike some other small-typed guidebooks which I've seen. It gives correspondences, tarot spreads, artwork descriptions, and card meanings including reversals.

It will be shipped to you securely in a box.

NOTE ABOUT CARD STOCK: This deck was printed by a company that makes playing cards for casinos, so that's the card stock you're getting. It appears to be exactly the same stock as the Everyday Witch Tarot, if you're familiar with that. I am a HUGE card stock snob, so here's my opinion to help you out. The card stock is somewhat thin, but of high quality playing card stock, which is different than thin stock which is just crappy paper. It shuffles like a dream, and is very flexible. While I love me a good thick card stock, I find that makes shuffling very difficult and often makes it more likely that the cards will be damaged during shuffling, since they don't bend well. With the exception of a sexy linen card stock, this type is my favorite for decks that I want to use regularly and I find that it holds up exceptionally well and much better than thicker stock.

NOTE ABOUT PRICE: The cost of this deck depends on the exchange rate of the New Zealand dollar vs. the US dollar. We try to keep an eye on this and make our purchases when there's a dip so that we can make this deck as affordable as possible. But this is just to explain why the cost of this deck varies. This deck was also printed locally in New Zealand, rather than sent out to China, so that is part of what the price reflects.

Lovely deck with great art and card stock! Seller is absolutely amazing and shipped quickly!

I've just started exploring this deck and I really love it. Highly recommend on every level.

This is such a beautiful deck that I hadn’t heard of before. One of my connections featured it on her YouTube channel and I fell in love immediately. So grateful to her for it and that I was still able to get it!

Excellent customer service! Deck arrived quickly and very well packaged. Deck is beautiful. Just flipping through, my favorite cards so far are the knight and queen of swords. Thank you so much!

I highly recommend RaveninAWorldTree!! Customer service was well above and beyond, any questions were answered quickly (even when seller was away at a show, she still found time to message back with certain inquiries!) Shipping was very timely, and the overall customer experience for me was so positive & exceptional. I cannot praise this seller enough and will absolutely continue to purchase items from them in the future. The Pythonic Tarot by Jessica Shaw is absolutely gorgeous & I am so happy to work with this deck as it’s been on my deck list for a while. The artwork is amazing & guidebook is great (and I do love me a good guidebook lol.) This deck is powerful, raw, witchy vibes all the way, and I feel holds a lot of profound wisdom within each and every card. Couldn’t be happier! I’ll be purchasing her Oracle when I can!

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